Why Audiobooks Make Me Happy

Earlier today, I was trying to “recycle” an old post from my old blog about audiobooks and how great they are. Unfortunately, as I went through the post, it just didn’t make sense to my life now, so I thought I’d write a whole new one about why audiobooks make me happy.

First, storytime.

I remember – and this is one of my fondest memories of childhood – when my brother would read my Little Golden Books onto a cassette tape (yes, I am “cassette tape” old) and have prompts for me to turn the page as I listened back. I loved that he could read my books to me even when he wasn’t there. That was probably one of my first experiences with an audiobook.

Years went by, and I never thought of listening to books “on tape” again. When I was in my early days of blogging, back in the early 2010s, I joined a readathon, the 24-Hour Readathon. I learned during that time that it was physically impossible to sit and read for 24 hours straight. At some point, you need to get up and stretch your legs, make food, and move your body. This is where my next exposure to audiobooks came in.

My Second “First” Audiobook

Thinking back, I can’t believe my first audiobook at that time was a Jay Leno memoir. But this was back when audiobooks weren’t totally a thing yet. I don’t think Audible was nearly as popular as it is today, and so the only real way I could get audiobooks was physically through my library. And by “physically,” I mean CD-style audiobooks or little prerecorded iPod-type contraptions that I just had to hook my headphones up to.

Let’s just say it wasn’t super convenient.

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