Mini Audiobook Review: Probably Ruby by Lisa Bird-Wilson

Probably Ruby, the debut novel by Lisa Bird-Wilson, about a woman who is in search of her identity as an Indigenous woman.

PROBABLY RUBY by Lisa Bird-Wilson

Publisher: Random House Audio
Publication Date: April 23, 2020
Genre: Contemporary, Literary Fiction

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An Indigenous woman adopted by white parents goes in search of her identity in this unforgettable debut novel about family, race, and history.

This is the story of a woman in search of herself in every sense. When we first meet Ruby, a Métis woman in her thirties, her life is spinning out of control. She’s angling to sleep with her counselor while also rekindling an old relationship she knows will only bring more heartache. But as we soon learn, Ruby’s story is far more complex than even she can imagine.

Given up for adoption as an infant, Ruby is raised by a white couple who understand little of her Indigenous heritage. This is the great mystery that hovers over Ruby’s life—who her people are and how to reconcile what is missing. As the novel spans time and multiple points of view, we meet the people connected to Ruby: her birth parents and grandparents; her adoptive parents; the men and women Ruby has been romantically involved with; a beloved uncle; and Ruby’s children. Taken together, these characters form a kaleidoscope of stories, giving Ruby’s life dignity and meaning.

Probably Ruby is a dazzling novel about a bold, unapologetic woman taking control of her life and story and marks the debut of a major new voice in Indigenous fiction.

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Mini Audiobook Review: Our Voice of Fire: A Memoir of a Warrior Rising by Brandi Morin


Publisher: House of Anansi Press
Publication Date: August 2, 2022
Genre: Nonfiction, Memoir

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A wildfire of a debut memoir by internationally recognized French/Cree/Iroquois journalist Brandi Morin set to transform the narrative around Indigenous Peoples.

Brandi Morin is known for her clear-eyed and empathetic reporting on Indigenous oppression in North America. She is also a survivor of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls crisis and uses her experience to tell the stories of those who did not survive the rampant violence. From her time as a foster kid and runaway who fell victim to predatory men and an oppressive system to her career as an internationally acclaimed journalist, Our Voice of Fire chronicles Morin’s journey to overcome enormous adversity and find her purpose, and her power, through journalism. This compelling, honest book is full of self-compassion and the purifying fire of a pursuit for justice.

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Mini Book Review: Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

PACHINKO by Min Jin Lee

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: November 14, 2017
Genre: Historical Fiction

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In the early 1900s, teenaged Sunja, the adored daughter of a crippled fisherman, falls for a wealthy stranger at the seashore near her home in Korea. He promises her the world, but when she discovers she is pregnant–and that her lover is married–she refuses to be bought. Instead, she accepts an offer of marriage from a gentle, sickly minister passing through on his way to Japan. But her decision to abandon her home, and to reject her son’s powerful father, sets off a dramatic saga that will echo down through the generations.

Richly told and profoundly moving, Pachinko is a story of love, sacrifice, ambition, and loyalty. From bustling street markets to the halls of Japan’s finest universities to the pachinko parlors of the criminal underworld, Lee’s complex and passionate characters–strong, stubborn women, devoted sisters and sons, fathers shaken by moral crisis–survive and thrive against the indifferent arc of history.

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June is Indigenous History Month: Celebrate With These Important Indigenous Reads

June is Indigenous History Month! On the Government of Canada website, it says, “June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada, a time to recognize the rich history, heritage, resilience and diversity of First Nations, Inuit and Métis.”

But why is it important to learn about Indigenous history?

Indigenous Peoples have played an essential role in shaping Canada. They have been a part of this land for generations, and it is crucial that we, as Canadians, recognize this.

One great way to celebrate and honour the role Indigenous People have played in this country is by reading books written by Indigenous authors. Canada has a wealth of Indigenous authors who speak of their history, their culture, their traditions, and so much more in their writings.

Today we’re going to look at some of the Indigenous books that I recommend you read, as well as the ones that I would like to read–and I’d love to hear your own recommendations in the comments below.

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Agatha Christie Reading Challenge

My Agatha Christie Book Collection

As a lover of the classics, I could not believe how long it took me to read my first Agatha Christie book. It was just a few days before Halloween in 2017 that I picked up Murder on the Orient Express. The book was the movie edition, so I’m fairly certain I planned to read it before the movie, but I never actually did get around to the movie.

I absolutely loved my reading experience with this book. Poirot is such a cool character, and Agatha Christie writes her books – most of them at least – in a way where I can never guess who the killer is. I love the mystery of it all. With Murder on the Orient Express, the book is broken up into parts, which I really liked. It was a unique reading experience, and I can honestly say I’m so glad that I picked that book up to read!

This Agatha Christie Reading Challenge is self-imposed and ongoing. I don’t want to say I’ll finish this in a year or even two years. It’s been nearly 6 years, and I still read her books off and on when I feel like picking them up. I try to read the books in order of the series, so with Poirot, I did start at book one eventually, and with Miss Marple, I’ve only ever read the first book (so, of course, I need to revisit it one day). I’ve then read a handful of her standalone, but there is such a huge catalogue of books that this will definitely take some time!

Note: This is by no means all of what Agatha Christie has published, but this is what I’m focusing on right now. Maybe one day, when I finally catch up with these, I’ll dive into even more of her catalogue.

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