About Me

My name is Kristilyn and I am a proud Canadian, a mama to two wonderful children, and I absolutely love knitting and crocheting and all things books!

I’ve been crocheting for the last 10 years and knitting for the last 4 years. I’ve never been artistic outside of music, so it was nice to learn to create usable items with my hands. It’s so satisfying to start with a ball of yarn and create something beautiful. In the past year, I started coming up with my own designs and wanted to have a space to share them, as well as a place to share my thoughts on this wonderful craft.

My reading life really took off in about 2008 when I first read Twilight. I suddenly wanted to read all the books and when I realized I had no one to discuss them with, I started my first book blog. It has since been (sadly) deleted, but I’ve always had that itch to share my reading again. My favourite books include classics, women’s literature, mysteries and thrillers, horror, and plenty of other genres in between. I think I’ve tried to read nearly every genre! Now that my kids are reading, I’ve found myself wanting to read more middle-grade books to find new books for them. Reading is definitely a fun adventure.

I adore all things hygge and I guess you could say I plan my life around coziness. Cozy and knitting and books (and maybe a cat!) just all seem to fit together!

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