My Exciting Adventure Reading Stephen King

Back in 2017, I picked up my first Stephen King book.

Actually, that’s a lie.

Let’s go back to the days when I would go to the library with my mom, and I would be one of those overly ambitious readers, bringing home books I knew I was never going to finish.

I remember bringing home books like Thinner and Needful Things and getting through maybe half of them, but then I’d lose interest and not finish reading them.

I had great goals to read Stephen King, but he wasn’t for me.

That is until It came to theatres. I had never seen the original Tim Currie version of the movie, but the new version looked really good. I love going to the movies alone and tasked myself with reading the book before seeing the movie.

That book was 1,166 pages, and I absolutely ate it up. It was fantastic!

Since then, I’ve decided I want to read as many Stephen King books as possible, and while I haven’t been reading them back to back, sometimes only reading a couple in a year, I’m really enjoying the challenge.

I’ve started a new page on my blog to document my Stephen King reading (with my Constant Reader story on it as well). I hope it continues to encourage me to pick up more of his books to read – though I haven’t needed any encouragement so far. They’re just really good!

See my Stephen King reading progress HERE.

I’d love to hear what Stephen King books you’ve enjoyed – tell me in the comments! Currently, I’m enjoying Joyland and might pick up another one of his Hard Case Crime books after. I like how they’re a mix of mystery and horror.

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