The 2023 Bookish Books Reading Challenge

I love a good book.

But do you know what’s even better than a good book? A good book – about books!

There’s something so meta about reading a book involving book lovers, or that takes place in a library, or that jumps from book to book within that book. It’s like a secret that only book lovers can appreciate.

When I saw this reading challenge over on Susan’s blog Bloggin’ ’bout Books, I knew I had to sign up. I could already think of a handful of books with book themes on my shelves that I wanted to read, and what better motivation to read them than a reading challenge?

I’m don’t going to go too crazy here, so I’m aiming for the Toe in the Door level, where you read 1-10 books. If I manage to bump up to the next level, that would be great!

I’m going to track my progress here, and it will be linked up at the top under the 2023 Reading Challenges tab.

  1. Book Lovers by Emily Henry










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