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Hello readers!

You may have already noticed a few changes on the blog – the header has changed and there are some new links available. Over the coming weeks, there will be a new addition and a few changes to Hygge Dreamer.

In the past, I had been a book blogger. I hadn’t done it in years and I’ve been missing it – especially now that I’ve gotten back into reading again. I love being able to talk about books with people, but the people in my house include a non-reader and two kids who are either learning to read, or reading Dog Man over and over again. Of course, learning to read is amazing and I see nothing wrong with rereading, but when it comes to talking mysteries and horror books and classics, I can’t do it with my kids and my husband, the non-reader, might listen but won’t give much helpful feedback.

So, I will be sharing things like book lists and book reviews, and various other bookish posts. There will still be crochet and knitting patterns, but those aren’t something I can crank out every week. I feel that bringing in the books will help fill in the gaps on the blog and help me get back into that world of books again. I’ve missed it terribly!

I will also try and post more knitting and crochet content, even if it isn’t a pattern. I’ve always had problems balancing out my hobbies so hopefully, this will help with that. As for the business of Hygge Dreamer where I actually create items for people, I am still taking orders and will focus more on custom orders for now since I am working now and have less time to mass produce.

I hope you continue to stick around for the new content and share your thoughts on books as well! I’d love to see readers take part in the discussion.

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