Calming Lavender Blooms Pattern

Ah, lavender, isn’t it just one of those flowers that instantly brings you joy and calmness? This little lavender bloom crochet pattern might not bring you straight to the lavender fields but it will definitely bring you joy and calmness. Maybe give it a spritz with some lavender spray before attaching it to a card or gift and I’m sure your recipient will love it!


  • Scheepjes Catona, 100% Mercerized Cotton (#2, Sport Weight)
    • Colour 515, Emerald (A)
    • Colour 282, Ultra Violet (B)
  • Size 2.75mm (C) hook
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Hemp or twine, for finishing


With colour A, chain 20.

  1. Sc in the back bump of the second chain from hook and all the way to the end, ch 2 and ss to the first sc. Fasten off.
  2. With colour B, join yarn about 10 stitches down from the ch 2 space. (Ch 4, ss to the same st, skip 1, ss in next st) all the way around until you are across from the first petal. Fasten off.

Weave in all ends. Make two more.


Gather the stems of your three lavender blooms together and tie a small bow around them with hemp or twine. Now use it to embellish a card, or to send to a friend!


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